Monday, June 20, 2011

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

Hello again.

Sorry it's been a while. But summer's here now! And so, here I am.
I decided it was time for a change again. And it probably won't be the last. I just hope you won't be too confused.

I'm having trouble with a hoop name again. It seems as though the people around me have theirs handed to them, and I have to grasp at straws for mine. :P For a while now it's been Widgit Fidgit. But that doesn't seem like my name. When I see it, I don't think "Oh! That's me." So yet again I have to try and figure out what I want to be called (even though we don't really use these names.) I have some ideas, but they seem to be shot down a lot. So, for now I'm going with a fall back. Mouse. I've been told many times I share cute traits with the cute furry animals. And it's either that or Ghostie, and even though I love that name, and it currently seems to suit me the most, I don't think that's my hoop name.

I just hope this one will do the trick.

So! On to the changes on my blog. ^-^ I decided it was time for something cheerier. Do you like it? I do.

Oh hey, you remember that friend from the last post? Yeah, that dude and I had a fight and now she and I have fallen out of touch. They decided to give me the "Silent Treatment." It was lame. And I still had a good friend who stood by me through it all. I appreciate her so much more now(Jordan)! And they got one of my other friends to do it too (Rebekah), but she gave up and is still a good friend. But as for my best friend? Well, I guess we'll see if the friendship can be slavaged when Rebekah and I throw her a surprise birthday party. I hope she likes it. ^_^

I'm looking into violin lessons. I'm excited! I've always loved the violin. My ancestors were violin makers in Germany. It seems right that I should learn to play. Even if mom is hesitant. :P

Tomorrow is midsummer! I had forgotten until just now. I don't know what we'll do for it, but maybe it'll be fun.

Happy belated father's day! We spent yesterday eating a H~U~G~E ice cream cake and playing Munchkin. It was fun. We're going to go out for dinner too. We would have done it yesterday, but the parentals weren't feeling well.

Max is dying. It's really sad. He's the nice gentleman who mom looks after (she works fro home instead) He gave her tickets to the symphony once. Hannah and I went. It was so much fun! I really wish I had the chance to meet him. Mom hasn't been working with him that long, so it really sucks that he's dying. He's chosen to go now, even though they could treat his symptoms. I hope he dies peacefully and has an awesome after life.

I want to start writing more. I'm not very good, but practice makes perfect! :D So maybe I'll post stuff, maybe not. In all honesty, this probably isn't going to happen. But I'll try!

That's all you can ask for, right?
Anyways, here's to all the Daddy's and Grandpa's out there!
Love ya~

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