Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a spoon full of Sugar

We talked. We're better now. I made sure to fix it before bed. Remember that saying:
"Don't go to bed mad, you might not wake up."
I have NO IDEA who wrote that, but I wasn't about to let a boy, who may or may not be okay, ruin my relationship with my best friend, when he didn't even know he was doing so.

I bet who ever wrote that, had something similar going on. When I thought of that quote, I always thought of lovers quarrels. Never occurred to me that it worked in multiple situations. I suppose, I could consider this a learning experience. I probably will, but for now, I'm happy to consider it resolved. (Hopefully all the way. We'll see tomorrow)

In all honesty, I'm emotionally exhausted.

I really can't handle this *curse-word*.

I hate feelings. :/

Alright, I'm stopping now. It's getting late, and I'm uber tired.

Thanks go to any powers that helped me come to my senses. I couldn't have done it without you. ♥ P.S. Help her too. If she needs it. I hope it all works out, in the end. Learning experiences, Sav, Learning experiences.

Sleep well, little sheep~

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