Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, Hi.

What's up?
Me? I'm good I guess. Nothing particularly awesome to post...
I failed a math test, and that really sucks. (I got a 57%)
I"ll probably retake it, but I reeeeally don't want to. :/
Doing grate in all of my other classes though.
Didn't make it into the one acts, but I'm going to try out for Sweeney Todd and Winterfest.
Winterfest is in November, and it's a talent show.
Sweeney Todd is the Musical we're doing in the spring.
I really, really, really hope I get a part.
Preferably Joanna or Ms. Lovett.
I hope to get a singing part. ♪♫
The first quarter ends this month! XD
Panda and I have been planning mom's birthday. It's going to be AWESOME.

There's this creepy guy in my theater class who I'm pretty sure like me.
He's from Canada.
That's cool. And I was nice to him for a while.
But then I started to think... that he likes me. :/
He's not spectacular.
He's actually really creepy.
In all of the skits he's been in, he's kill one or multiple people or been a stoner.
I also found out he's a Junior.
I don't have a problem with this normally, but it amps up his creepy-ness.
He wsits in the same seat everyday, adn he doesn't talk to anyone.
But when I walk in, he waits for me to sit, and then he belies for me.
The other day, he randomly got really close to me while I was getting ready to go, and asked me the color of my eyes.
And he got the color wrong.
I've told Panda and my mom, and Jay, but they just joke about it.
And I'm sure to get grief about this, but I don't really care.
He also cuddles chairs and sleeps in class.
I hope someday I find someone no creepy to like and who likes me.
But I know for a fact, my soul mate isn't Mr. Creepy in Theater.

But other than him, I really LOVELOVELOVE theater! ♥♥♥
It'll be sad next sememster when I don't have it anymore.
But I'll deal.
I'll have french, and seminar (study hall) with a whole bunch of friends.
It's going to be AWESOME.
And, if I'm lucky, I'll be in the musical.
So I'll still be involved.
Going to mow the lawn this Friday.
Our new shiny red lawn mower is itching to be used.

One of the librarians knows me by name now.
She's nice.
I hope I remember to get the user name info tomorrow...
And that I pass the Math Quiz and the Science test.
I think I'll be fine.

I want my ipod...
Still quite far away though. :/
I spent $20 at PPD.
And I lost the opportunity to earn $20 when I didn't mow the lawn.
My foot was hurt.

Going to join a gym!
It's going to be GREAT!
It has a HUGE mirrored room that we can use for practice.
And lots of awesome stuff, like a peppermint/eucalyptus steam room and pool.
And I'm old enough to finally use the equipment!
This is so exciting!

Wish me luck on all of my adventures.
I'll try to post again soon, but I often forget....
Kay, Luv you