Friday, May 21, 2010

Like the kid nobody wants on their team in Gym

I'm feeling left out.

Yesterday was my school graduation. And I wasn't there. This SUCKS. I'm looking at all the pictures, and commenting on how nice my friends look... and it's all well and good, but it kinda hurts. Especially because I think they got to ride in limos. T.T

Now, I'm not a particularly girly girl. I'm like melted Neapolitan ice cream: a little of both, without one overpowering flavor. Well, except for the weird flavor. That one's pretty strong...

But I like to dress up. I enjoy doing my make-up and hair, and putting on a nice dress that I have no other occasion to wear it to.

On the other hand, my very tomboy friend was forced into so-sparkly-it's-kinda-ugly dress, heels and make-up, all against her will.

I would've gladly traded places with her. Well, maybe with a different outfit though...

This sucks sooo much. I mean, my 5th grade graduation was nothing spiffy, but I was really kinda looking forward to my 8th grade graduation. I mean, it signifys the end of grade school, and the beginning of finding out who we really are as our own people.

And I know that there was nothing we can do about it. I know that we had to leave before the graduation because the house was empty and we just couldn't afford it. I know all this, but I can't help but feel left out.

Especially looking at all of the graduation pictures.

I mean, they have to MAIL my certificates to me. Like, POST OFFICE mail.

Have I mentioned lately that this SUCKS? Because let me tell you, it totally does.


Thinking. It just happens sometimes.

Okay. I've been thinking about posting these things since before I had an actual blog to post them on. But now that I'm starting to write about them, all the words escape my nimble fingers as I try to grasp the thoughts that have floated around me for quite some time and twist and bend them into a piece of art to withstand the ages. Poetic, right?

I have always been told by my mom, that I am an old soul. And for those of you who have no idea what this could possibly mean, I'm here to explain it to you.

It basically means that my soul, the little wisp of color and life that pours my being into everything I touch, has lived more lives than I could ever remember. Have you ever heard of reincarnation? The theory of having more than one life. Your soul is implanted in your body as an embryo, to grow and learn as your life progresses. My mom believes that in each life, you're sent to learn something different, and that if you don't learn your lesson, in the next life you must try again. Being an old soul just means your soul has already lived many lives, and is almost done learning it's lessons.

And because your soul is so knowledgeable, and wise, the current you is calmer, and smarter, and takes to life with a practiced ease. But each soul is different, so the outcomes can vary.

I believe that I am an old soul, and that maybe, just maybe that may have something to do with my morals. Sometimes, I just teach myself things. Like to not call people after 8 pm, unless it's an emergency, or you're VERY close to them. (Once, I shocked my mom because I told her I would call a friend in the morning, so as to not break this courtesy. She was shocked that I had discovered this manner on my own at a young age.) Or maybe it's a result of the stories my friends and family have told me. My mom lead a very...interesting life so far, and has told me all of her stories, and has let me learn from her misjudgments, so that I don't make the same. And yet some of my morals have come from things that could happen, and things I hope that will never happen.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just some random girl with an imaginative mind who has come to these conclusions simply by luck. Either way, I refuse to doubt the ethics I have come to trap in my mind.

But, I' m rambling now, so on with the post, I suppose.

As I said before, I have come to a set of morals and promises to myself. I will only share a few, but I hope that whoever reads this will find them logical and of good reasoning.

I have promised myself that I will wait for my soul mate. Whoever he may be. And if I can't find him in this lifetime, than I am completely happy to become 'the Batty old cat lady who makes good cake'. Something like this, right?:

Me: "Oh come in! It's so nice to have visitors nowadays..."
New Family: "Oh, Okay..."
Large Lion pokes his head out from the foliage.
New Family: "Um... What's that?"
Me: "Oh! This is Mr. Pooky. He's such a good little kitty too. Aren't you Mr. Pooky?"
New Family: Laughs nervously
Me: "I'll just go get those cookies I baked..." Walks off into the Thick foliage with a parrot on her shoulder, 3 chickens, a fat cat, a litter of kittens, and a llama following her.
Mr. Pooky growls.

Or maybe:

Neighbor: "Do you remember the Watkins' Kid?"
Me: "Oh, the brat who kept egging my house?"
Neighbor: "Yeah, do you remember what happened to him?"
Me: "Hmm... Didn't he get eaten?, ah, Run away?"
Neighbor: "Yeah, I thought so."
Mr. Pooky Licks his lips.

Don't mess with the crazy old cat lady, man. Bad things happen, baaaad things. XD

Another of my promises was mentioned in a diffrent post of mine. Disappointment Stings was it's title, I believe...

Hey, good news! My Mom just hollered over from the other room, that Our friend just had her baby girl at 1:59 today. Welcome Lilian! <3

Lotsa love!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home again, home again, Jigity Jig! :)

Yola Everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted, we've been pretty busy.

When we first got here, we were welcomed warmly. Everyone is VERY happy to have us back. All our neighbors, and our friends. It so wonderful to be home!
They helped us unload the truck, and we're now trying to settle in. Panda, and her new (ADORABLE) baby boy Benjamin have been over here almost every day. She's helping me catch up on my hooping and Poi skills. So, YAY! Ben is really adorable, and he's only a month and a half. I love baby's. :D She helped us move stuff around, too, so that's good. Today we went over and saw her new town house, it's really nice! She also gave me a whole bunch of Manga to read, so I'm happy. We're also going to borrow Anime once our DVD player is set up.

Also, a big thanks to Mag for coming over and helping us settle in some on Monday!

When the cable guy came, I got a DVR for my room, so I'm super happy. XD I can finally record as much stuff as I want without Dadinator grumping at me. I also get some On Demand channels, so that's AWESOME!

Oh, quick note, Dadinator tried to quit smoking, and was so grumpy, he just went out and bought a pack. That didn't last very long. But I really hate it when the go through that RAGH! phase. :l

SUPER GOOD NEWS ALERT! I'm going to one of the biggest Anime conventions in the WORLD! WOOT! I've wanted to go to Animazement for a while now, and almost went before we moved, but never made it. This year, I finally get to go! XD I'm going on Saturday, so this should be fun. I'M SO EXCITED! I designed my own Lolita costume, and I'm psyched up to make it. I'll post pics when it's done, so don't fret. I also hope I'll get to make the uniform from Love Monster, and wear elf ears, but I don't know if I'm going to do that yet. >.<

Hm... It's really weird. I always get motivated to do stuff, i.e. post, clean, organize..., at night. Maybe it just means I'm a night owl, in the literal sence of the word. Oh well, it just makes my life more interesting. And explains why I don't like bright light. I'd take an overcast gloomy week over a bright sunny day any time. Not that sun is bad, it's great! But only in small doses... O.o

I climbed a tree today! My first real climb in a looong time. It was fun! It was a pine tree, too, so that made it even more interesting. I've never climbed one of those before today, so it was a new challenge. I got as high as I could before I ran out of strong limbs. :D The funny part is that I'm clumsy on the ground, but fine in trees. :) Oh well, that just gives me a reason to climb them more!

Quick note, as she just reminded me. Yesterday was Tink's birthday! Happy 8th Birthday Kitteh! I loveh youes! =^ - ^=

Kay, it's late, and I'm thirsty, so...


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hickory, North Carolina!

We only have a few hours left to drive tomorrow, and then all of our friends will be there to help us unload the truck, and then the May Fire Festival on Sunday! FunFunFun!

The right back tire on the U-Haul almost went KABLOOY today, so we had to stop at a Jack-in-the-Box, and wait for the repair guys to fix it... Chocolate Shakes!

The rest of the trip was uneventful. When we first hit the road, we saw a truck trailing a, get this!, TANK. Like a real, honest to goddess, Military TANK. My camera is REALLY slow, and has been costing me LOTS of really cool pictures. I want one that I can just continually snap, and not miss anything. That'd be AWESOME!

We didn't see much flood damage, just debris on the side of the road, and all of the flooded out residents. The Econo Lodge we stayed in last night SUCKED. If you ever have the opportunity to stay in one, turn it down. PROFUSELY. You can thank me later. :)

When we passed the North Carolina boarder, Mom started crying. It startled me. Especially when she told me why. She says that it just now hit her that we're going home. It was kinda shocking seeing as that's all we've been doing for the past 3 days... Oh well, to each their own shock, I suppose.

Dougan just freaked mom out by disappearing behind the bed. Same thing happened with another one of our cats when we first did this. Scared her to death. So now, she has Key locators on them. The cats now beep. :D

The La Quinta we're in right now is Bliss compared to the Roach Motel we were in last night. it's only been open 8 months! Every thing is BRAND SPANKING NEW. XD Extreme yay!

It's really humid here, and it's kinda odd, but we're readjusting fast. It even rained for a few minutes today! And last night, and today, we've been seeing Lightning bugs!

We're sooooo happy!

Okay, it's 12:14 here, and I'm tiiiireeeed!

Sleep well, and thank Hermes!

~Sav ~.~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jackson, Tennessee


Oklahoma was pretty. :D

And we passed by Henrietta! I took lots of pictures.

Now we're in some horrible Hotel in Jackson, Tennessee. Bleh.

But we had to stop here, because of the flooding. Turns out everything from Memphis to Nashville was effected. The people here are really nice, and have all banded together to help with the problems. Tonight we saw a police man help a Dyslexic man into a hotel room because he left Mississippi without his wife's knowing. So, he's being cared for until she can come down in the morning.

To me, that's not a act of kindness, it's what all people should automatically do.

We'll probably get halfway through North Carolina tomorrow, and stay in a hotel until we can get to our house.

Saw lots of funny signs today, Such as:
  • Toadsuck Park
  • Lotsawata Road, rright next to the river
  • Fort Pillow
:D We had fun with that!

I'd post more, but I'm tired, and want to get to bed.

Good Night, ;)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shawnee, OKlaaahooomaaa....

Turns out its right next to Kickapoo Indian Nation. Yes, that's right. KICK-A-POO.

(If you're not at least snickering right now, just wait, you humorless lump.)

After we saw the first sign (Kickapoo Casino), Mominator and I started debating about who we were supposed to be kicking poo at. And if we were supposed to kick Pooh Bear (which is just Cruel, and, we don't want Tigger sicked on us.), a poodle (which is just as mean), or real poo. Which is just discusting.

Then we saw it: Kickapoo, Indian Nation.

After we stopped laughing hysterically, we began to wonder, are we kicking petrified indian Poo statues? An Indian covered in Poo? Or is it just poo at an Indian?

What do you think?

Mom is stilly really stressed, but today was pretty calm. We left Tink (the easily upset one) in her carrier, and everyone else just found a place to hunker down, or wandered. The only cat problems we had was when Dougan fell on her accidentally, and when Missy purpously sat on her. Twice. Luckily we arrived at the hotel then, so I didn't have to hold onto her long. We're just shy of halfway through the trip!

I wish we could pass through Henrietta, just so I can see where Stevie Rae* was born!

The rest of the trip wasn't nearly as funny, but Oklahoma is really pretty. As soon as we unpack the SD card reader, I promise to dedicate an entire post just to pictures and Videos I'm taking. Really. :)

Oh! I've been reading a series my Mom dug up for me before we left. It's kinda old, but really good. I just finished the first book today, and I highly recomend them. It's Spider Robinson's 'Callahan's Crosstime Saloon'. Look for them. You can thank me later.

'Kay, It's late, and I'm off to bed. I'm already dead on my feet.
Talk to you tomorrow!

* Character from House of Night series. They're by P.C. Cast. They're good!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Albaquirky, NM


We just spent from Noon this morning until 10pm tonight in the car. It was okay, I usually like road trips. But Mom was worrying over EVERYTHING, and the cats were really nervous. We also ran into a pack (Hoard?Group?Flock?) of bee's and now have bee guts all over the cars. That was earlier, in Flagstaff. I'm taking pictures, but I can't upload them until I find the thingy that attaches the camera to the computer. But I will as soon as I can. :) Promise.

Anyways, I need to vent. Just a little.

I have spent the last two nights on the floor, with little to cover me, or separate me from the floor. It was less than comfy. But I delt. I also helped load the truck, and pack. And then we drove all day today. So I'm fine in the car, but then I get grumpy. And my cat doesn't want to come out of the car. And mom is worrying. A LOT. So, we get to the hotel, and the cat's being difficult, and I'm stuffing cats into the carriers, and packing up stray stuff... ect, ect. So I'm fretting about the cat as Dad trys shoving her out. They send The Biti and I up to the room. I walk in and am SO excited to FINALLY sleep on an actual bed again. And I round the corner, to see ONE bed, and a Hide-away. Okay, at least I'm not sleeping on the floor, right? So, i pull it sou, and it turns out it's a TWIN. That I have to share with a bed hog. My resolve broke. And it wasn't helping that I'm just trying to help my parents, and they are yelling at me. I know I'm supposed to Listen. I am listening. I'm also shooting off good ideas, and it's you who's not even bothering to listen to what I have to say. Or maybe even cast a spare thought my way. Because I understand why your stressed out, and why you don't want my ideas. but my ideas are good, and would it kill you to think about how stressed out I am or why I'm trying to help? I'm thinking about the cats, and the dog, and Biti, and me, and you guys.

When everyone else is freaking out, i'm fine. i'm the one who's got a sound head on my shoulders while everyone is panicing. And I have good ideas, but no one bothers to listen.

And I don't cry. It's not that I don't, its just that I don't Like crying. It kinda sucks. Everyone trying to console you, and treating you like a child. I HATE THAT. So, I've learned to cry less.

That's why it really freaked me out when I acctually cryed tonight. It was just all too much. Everyone yelling at me when I wanted to go het ice. I really just wanted to get away from the room with the tiny bed, and my family. I just wanted a casual moment alone to calm myself down. And I got yelled at. So I ended up crying, and being consoled.

I hate that.

Here's hoping tonight is restful, and tomorrow is better than today.

May Hermes bless our journey.