Friday, April 30, 2010

Just staying out of the way!


I come to you from a chair, in the middle of my slowly emptying living room. Yes, that's right. Today id the Big Day! Moving day. We've been packing non-stop all week to prepare for this, and just like all the times before, we are totally unprepared. And let me tell you, it SUCKS. Even my nose is complaining! It has made sure to let me know just how it feels. Everyone is really excited though. It's just the packing and loading that we don't like. We have no problem with unloading or unpacking. So, we just have to tough it out for now.

We are scheduled to leave tomorrow, but we may end up leaving later. It all depends on how fast we can pack the truck up. Mominator has decided that she isn't going to rush, and that we will take as much time as we need to pack up. I don't mind, but I am really anxious to leave.

My last day of school was Wednesday. At the time, I had no idea that it would be my last day. But I had fun. The entire 8th grade went rock climbing. Apparently I was pretty good, I scaled two walls to the very top, and the Staff dude asked me if I had ever done any outdoor climbing because I "have some techniques of professional outdoor climbers.' :D That was really cool. But being up so high can be kinda creepy. I was okay, as long as I didn't look down for too long. Others, though, couldn't climb and had to belay because they were so scared. I really hope to do it again once we're home.

I am hoping that once we are on the road, I will be able to take pictures as we travel, and post each night. This would keep everyone up-to-date, and help me keep a chronicle on everything that happens. It's not every day you travel cross-country.

So, wish us luck! I'm pretty sure we're going to need it!

Tah-tah for now,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Disappointment Stings


This is a rather dreary post.

It's about cigarettes.

For many years my Mother, and Father had smoked. They stopped for a while, then when my mom's cat Sadie died, they started again. It took many years for my mother to be able to quit again. She read a book on how to quit Cold-turkey, and listened to hidden messages on CD's. Finally, she though she was ready. On one day in November, she quit. My dad, at the time, wasn't read to quit, just yet. And personally, I doubt the Bitibopper and I would have survived if they both quit at the same time. When someone quits smoking, they suffer from Nicotine withdrawal. It sucks. They become very cross, and easily irritated. And it lasts two weeks. After that it went back to normal.

When my Mom quit, my life was bettered. I was no longer around second-hand smoke, or cigarettes in general unless my Dad happened to drive me somewhere. I rarely inhale that unpleasant stench anymore. And soon after ( about a month ) my Dad quit smoking too. After the two weeks of hiding from him, I was supremely proud. It had always worried me, that habit of theirs. And I always just stood around with my silent disapproval. I knew that whatever I said would only irritate them, and that they had to quit on their own. I always became quite irritable when we had to sit through the seminars about smoking and it's dangers. I knew them quite well, and it was scary to think about any of those horrible things happening to my parents. So, I hated being reminded of the risks they were taking.
But when they both quit smoking, and I didn't have to fear anymore, I was so happy. It had taken so long, but it had finally happened. If you have ever had someone around you who smokes, I believe you can relate to the freeing sensation you get when they finally quit. This all occurred only a few years ago, too.

And my mother is still cigarette free! I am very proud of her, even if I have not expressed this before. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my Father. We were at the pool with some neighbors who smoked, and he bummed a cigarette from them. 'Cheating' He said. And my mom asked him if it made him feel any better. He replied that no, it didn't, and he promised it was only going to happen this once. At that moment, I didn't believe him. The wonderful feeling I hadn't seemed to notice before was suddenly being eaten away. It was as if my disappointment was gnawing on it, savoring it like some rare delicacy.

A week or two ago, he came back from the store, and joked around before saying that he had bought a pack of cigarettes, and that, as my mother had asked him before, he might need to cheat a little, just to stay sane. She looked at him disapprovingly, but agreed. I avoided looking at him, for the small monster that was savoring my pride seemed to have taken a particularly large bite. It felt as if I had grown something rare and wonderful inside me, and he was killing it ever-so-slowly with pesticides and clippers.

Nothing new has happened since that night. He has walked in once, or twice with the familiar stench of cigarettes n him, and I finally realize what my mother had meant when I asked her why she began smoking in the first place. She had said that the smell was comforting, because her parents had smoked around hr as a child. She had grown up with that smell, so it was comforting. Although she doesn't have the same stand point now. Her body just can't handle it, and she detests the smell. I know know that although the scent is familiar to me, I will never find it down-right pleasant.

There is something I want to do. Here, on my blog, in front of my astonishing 3 readers. I am going to solidify a promise I had made to myself for as long as I can remember. It is burned into my heart, and I will never break it, along with any others that accumulate over the years. But I have never said it out loud, and wish to do so here. So, without further ado, here goes:

I, Savvy Savant, do here by swear to never, for as long as I shall live, EVER smoke a cigarette. I refuse to put my children through worrying about me as I have my parents, and I doubt I could live with myself afterwords even if I dared. I do believe myself to be a strong, smart young woman, and if I am so, then I will be able to stand up to anything that dares to challenge my promise.

I hope that anyone who happens to stumble on my blog will have the courage to do the same, no matter their age. Even if you have, or do smoke, vow to stop, and NEVER touch another as long as you shall live. But make sure you tell some one. You never know who might be worrying about you.

Love, and Many Long Lives,

Apologies and Explinations

Yola. >.<
I am here to apologize, and explain.

I haven't posted in a while due to strep throat, and friends.

Last week, I missed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tues. I went to the doctor, and she prescribed me 20 Penicillin, twice a day for ten days. She told me not to go to school Wed., because I was still contagious. So, School on Thursday right? Nope. Got a horribly itchy rash-type thing. The Mominator though it was an allergic reaction to the penicillin, because Daddyborg has a deadly allergy to the stuff. So, the next day, I'm back where I started, and was diagnosed with "Oh, that's just scarlet fever. No need to worry, it's a side effect of strep." Great! Mom had her change my prescription anyways. So, I'm now feeling much better, and mom seems to have caught it from me, and started taking the penicillin, now that I wasn't taking it.

Now you know why I wasn't at school. What you need to know is what I missed.

Now, since I'm Anonymous, I can't use their real names. (Sorry girls, this isn't going to be your 15 minutes of fame.) So in this little anecdote we have: Ali, Ley, Pearl, and Val.
Ali and Ley are in my close group of friends. This also includes Momo, but she doesn't appear in this. Val is a good friend of Ley, but we're not very close. And none of us really liked Pearl... But she latched onto Val and Ley like a leech. Now, I'm not rambling, it's important that you know this.

So, a few weeks ago, another girl heard a rumor that Val was, I belive the term used was 'talking crap about her'. This was untrue. I may not be very close to her, but I know enough about her to vow that she would never do something like that, unless they had done something to seriously offend her. So, this girl, with a few of her friends came and found her in between classes and punched her. Val was suspended for a few days, while the other girl got a longer punishment. (there was reason, she had hit her back in defense.) For a few days after my little group was mostly on Val's side. We all argued that she was wrongly accused, and shouldn't have been punished. Pearl, however was on the other girls side. We now believe this was because she has more friends than our little group contains. Ley felt strongly about this, being very close to Val, and was quite unhappy with Pearl. This continued for a few weeks, until things started to get uncomfortable.

Week before last, Pearl started spreading rumors about Ley, saying that she [Pearl] could take her in a fight. This got her into a lot of trouble. Ley almost went and punched her Monday at recess. I was able to convince her out of it, but was absent due to the above reasons the next day. That afternoon I get a series of text messages from Ali telling me very little. I later got the whole story. Turns out, Pearl slapped Ley before school, and Ley retaliated by pulling her hair. Ley didn't get in any trouble because she was able to talk to the front office. Note: I didn't know any of this until Friday, so I was worried sick.

Especially because she has family problems. The next day I learn that she ran away, and was forced to fear the worst. I had no way of contacting her because she had her phone, and all connections to the outside world, taken away when she got an F in Science. She was with Val for a period of time, but I never got to talk to her, even though it was being debated if she could stay with me. When I finally got the whole story from Ley on Friday, she says she went home with Val because she was tired of her parents. They grounded her until the end of the school year, extending her flunking punishment. She then went through a series of people to try and stay with her aunt, who ended up being in some far-off Arizona city. Eventually, that same night, she ended up back home again.

Now after resolving all of this, and squeezing as many people as I could for details, I came to wonder: How do I fit in with all this? I am often called the 'mom' type person. The one who takes care of everyone else. I make sure none of the jokes go to far, provide solid advice when necessary, pester friends until they tell me the problem and I can help... Things of that nature. And, I've noticed that I'm the only one who does this. I am the ring leader. I had a partner in crime, but she moved to a different school. I would have no problem in continuing this role, but I leave for Raleigh in 19 days. And I only have 13 left in school. So, my mind began working furiously. Do they really need me? If so, what will they do without me? I keep every one sane. What happens when I'm gone? Will they kill each other? I suppose it will go back to as it was before I met them. Jen will lead them just as she did before I showed up, and just as we did together. But where does this leave Ley? She is only friends with them because I dragged her into my group. She became fast friends with Jen, as everyone does, and soon with Ali, too. But who's going to help her? She's in a catch 22 with her family situation, an I am who she relies on. Well, Val and I. But I keep coming back to the same question: Where does this leave me?

I know they will miss me. Just as I will miss them. I guess I just hope everything will be okay...

And, in the meantime I'll just go back to leading my friends in Raleigh. :)
I'm sure they could use a little more trouble in their lives.

Bear Hugs & Smoochies ~♥

Friday, April 2, 2010

Can we have our holiday back?

Happy Easter, everyone!

I'm sure that many of you did not know, that this holiday was stolen (in a way)?

It's true! Many centuries before it became known as Easter, it was being celebrated as the fertility of the earth being renewed each springtime. Many of the symbols you familiarize with Easter are actually symbols of fertility; The rabbit, eggs, chicks... Even the name was stolen! It was taken from the Goddess of Spring, Ishtar, or, as she is sometimes known Eastre, or any of her other names.

Have you ever heard of a May Pole? Wonderful things. They too, were a symbol of fertility, and used to coax in spring, and healthy crops. A tree was cut down, and brought to the town square. It was then decorated with flowers, and the traditional ribbon dance was done. I can speak from experience: this is a lot of fun, but can be quite confusing if the ribbons get tangled. In the end, you will have a wonderfully decorated pole, that you helped create. When I did one with my (Pagan!) Church, it came out really nice. (I'd post a picture, but I couldn't find a good one. D:)

I hope you found this enlightening, and interesting to know that many of the Christian Holidays were derived from Pagan celebrations because they were rooted too deeply to be pulled out entirely. I'll tell you more about this later, when the holiday gets closer.

There are lots of fun things to do on Easter, but I think getting to bite the head off of a chocolate bunny is one of the best parts!

Hope your basket is filled with awesomeness!

Lots of Love

Being stunned is such Sweet, Sugary Goodness

Hello again!

I wasn't planning on posting about this, but it shocked me into an awed state of happiness, so I suppose I must.

Since first quarter, this guy at my school has promised me a cake. I'm sure you know the type. Funny, popular guy who dates a lot, but is nice to every one? Yeah, well one of my friends and I became buddies with him. Not the kind that you talk to every day, but the kind that you say Hi to and joke around with every so often.

Anyways, back to the point. He purposely butchered my name, multiple times, just for fun, and wished me Happy Birthday every time someone with a similar name was announced. He promised me a cake on each of these occasions too.
Well, two months ago, my real birthday rolls around, and he wishes me Happy Birthday for real. And I remind him of his promise, and he says that he remembers.

Well, this entire week, he's been asking me questions about it:
  • "What kind of cake do you want?"
  • "It's going to have Sav across the middle."
Things of that nature. And I tell him that's fine, and that chocolate is best, but any flavor is fine. I also tell him that I would be fine with just a cupcake. Yesterday he told me: "Hey Sav, expect you cake tomorrow, Okay?" And I reply with a simple "Sure", not really expecting him to bring me a cake.

Today, I walked through the school gates, and one of my friends is waiting for me.
"He got you a cake!"
"What?! No way! I didn't think He's really get me a cake..."
So we rush into the main part of the school. Half way there, another friend of mine grabs my arm and tells me not to look. I am then dragged to the group of his friends, but he's missing.
"Hey Sav! He got you a cake!"

So, we glance around, and I decide, that he'll find me eventually. We go inside, and to their first hour. Lo and behold, there he is, trying to hide it under a desk. Our conversation went something like this:
"Hi Sav,"
"They told me. I can't believe you actually got me a cake!"
"Yeah. Here."
And then he pulls out a white, 1/2 sheet, yellow frosted cake. And simple hand it to me. "Happy Birthday."

This is where I proceed to walk around the room, carrying the cake completely baffled, and wondering what I'm going to do with a CAKE.

Turns out, sticking a note on it that says: This is SAV'S CAKE. Touch it and you will DIE. (I'm serious), and putting it on top of my teachers cabinets doesn't really work too well.

(Note: Sticky note like that has opposite of intended effect.)

Also: If you are carrying around a cake, expect to scream "NO! My cake, BACK OFF!" Really loud, very often. And, after ding this, watch out for angry people who want to knock the cake from your hands.

Later that day it was really cool, because for some reason, his girlfriend was okay with it. All she said was, "I hope I get a cake on my birthday too."

I spent all first hour smiling.

P.s.Upon closer inspection, the cake cost $28.99!