Friday, September 3, 2010

Catching Up (AGAIN?!?!)


Sorry I haven't posted, in like AGES, and you're all old and dusty now because all you have to look forward to is my posts, but seriously. Okay, I'm done being Narcissistic now. ;)

So, last Wednesday I started high school. *Cue streamers and confetti* Exciting, right? Yeah. It was kinda sorta terrifying that first two days. But it's better now. I have Gym :(, Sci :), 1st Lunch, Algebra 1 :/, and Theater Arts 1 XD. So yeah. And lunch SUCKED, until I met a Foreign Exchange student from France. She's awesome. And I have a girl from Gym in first lunch too(Amb). I met a whole bunch of awesome people, but none of them had 1st lunch until I found out Amb did.

And I ♥♥♥LOVELOVELOVELOVE♥♥♥ Theater! It's great. But I'm a little paranoid because I'm pretty sure this guy from Canada like me. :/ He's nice, but...

So yeah. So far, I've killed a guy with a banana, and pushed an evil witch into an oven. And now, the guy I killed with the banana in class ( I have him in sci, too) keeps shouting Banana at me. I think he said he was going to start calling me Banana. I don't know why. Oh well. :)

Might be doing a Burn for Labor day! XD And pagan pride day is coming up the weekend of the 18th!!! And Dadinator's birthday party is on the 10th. I get to baby sit Ben~ ♥

Joined Drama club. :D Might go to New York, but I need to get the monies. :/ Lotsa fund-raising. I'll post the details later, so you can help. ;P
So Drama Club is going to see 'To Kill A Mockingbird' at Burning coal theater. I'm excited!
I love plays~

Found an AWESOME new band, called NeverShoutNever. Go check 'em out♥

So, what's new with you all?